The Cultural Arts program at Fuller is excited to bring a week-long Art Residency for our kids with Jennifer Wood, an amazing Mural Artist. Ms. Wood will be at Fuller from Monday, March 6 through Friday, March 10 to teach Mr. Berner's art elective students enhancement techniques using image silhouettes. 


At the end of the week on Friday, March 10, there will be two assemblies for all our kids to see what their friends accomplished during the week and learn about those techniques themselves. Please mark your calendars so your child does not miss all this fun and learning you are bringing for them. 


Also, in order for us to maximize the learning experience of our kids, we are requesting parents to please volunteer in the art classes for 3 out of the 4 days with Ms. Wood and Mr. Berner. We will need volunteers for every 40 minute class each day. Please see the class day/time details below and mark your calendars. You just pick one 40 minute slot or multiple.

Volunteer opportunities (from 2nd day of residency):


Dates: Tuesday, March 7 to Thursday, March 9


Volunteer slot times:


Grades 1-2 from 11:20 am  to 12:00 pm

Grades 4-5 from 12:05 am to 12:45 pm

Grades 3-5 from 12:50 am to 1:30 pm

Grades 2-3 from 1:35 pm  to 2:15 pm


Location: Mr. Berner's Art Studio



VOLUNTEERS, please SIGN UP online, or send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Shivani Garcha.



If the kids are not able to finish the project in the 4 days, it will not only be very disappointing for them but also a loss of learning and resources for all of us. We appreciate your support in making this event full of even more fun and learning!



Dress code requirements for the kids participating in the residency:


Please send your kids in comfortable clothes for example shirts with sleeves that can be easily pulled up or folded while painting, gluing, etc. 


Please make sure that they don’t wear any fancy outfits or footwear because there is always a risk of paint spills and we wouldn’t want to limit their creativity just to safeguard what they’re wearing!  


We will provide large sized t-shirts for each child to wear on top of their clothes for extra protection.


This was made possible due to your generous donations to the PTA including the No Fuss fundraiser and grants from United Arts Council. Thank you! 

Recap of 2016-2017 Cultural Arts Program Events

This year, once again, the Cultural Arts program at Fuller was excited to bring three great opportunities for our kids to experience art through Theater, Visual Arts and Music.

Save the dates provided below so your students don't miss these shows at school!
These shows were presented by three different groups of very talented artists whose art was showcased in the annual Art fair. The PTA is thrilled to be able to sponsor these artists using the generous funds that parents like you have provided through your various donations. Also, the United Arts council approved our grant request for these programs and aided our funding further. 
Fuller PTA, with the help of our amazing Specialists, Parents and Staff are proud to present the following shows for all our kids right at the school during our normal school hours -
Bright Stars Touring Theater - October 14
Theme : Bullying - since Oct is the anti-bullying month
Name of the shows : Bullysaurus Rex (K-1), Bullied (2-3, 4-5)
Transit Vocal Band - November 4
Magic of a capella - music without instruments
Concerts for all K-5 students 
Jennifer Wood - Mural Artist 
Kids will learn enhancement techniques using image silhouettes
Residency for Art elective students March 6th - 9th
2 Assemblies for all K-5 students on March 10th