FUN RUN -- Friday, November 30

Students are raising pledges for the laps they will run on Fun Run day (between 26 and 36, 36-lap max). Each lap
is 1/16 th of a mile.  For instance, $1 per lap means $30 dollars total pledged if the student runs 30 laps. 

Each class has a goal of reaching $5 per lap for each student, or $150 simple donations.

Here's the important part! The majority of the funds raised this year will go to our school to pay for Insert
“Why” Fundraiser Big Ticket Item.

However, the school PTA has promised that 30% of the funds will be used to support Teacher Grants too.

My goal is to raise $100/lap, so your support will go a long way in Fuller Elementary meeting their
fundraising goal.
Please help us reach our goal by talking to family and friends about pledging for your students. A great way to do
this is to use the feature called the “Share Wizard” found on your students pledge page. It’s super easy. The
Share Wizard is an awesome tool that allows you to send texts, emails and share posts on Facebook and Twitter to
help your child get sponsors for the fun run.



(Parents please come out and cheer on the students)

11:20 AM – Grades K-1
12:50 PM – Grades 2-3
2:10 PM – Grades 4-5