Science Enrichment Day was judged the most Outstanding Ongoing Program in the entire Wake County School system at the elementary school level in the past. We are looking forward to receiving this accolade year after year.
Welcome from Students:
We are so grateful to have the Science Enrichment Day at Fuller. There are many things we hope to gain out of the presentations we participate in. As a student we hope that we gain knowledge, the chance to be creative, explore, and learn something new that we can take with us as we continue our education. We enjoy a hands- on approach to learning and would love to take the opportunity to be involved in any part of the presentation that we can!
Welcome from Teachers:
As a teacher we hope that your presentation will spark the scientist in each of our students. We expect to see a structured presentation that is age appropriate to our students and that engages them in a variety of ways. Knowing that this is one of our students favorite days of the year we can guarantee that you will have eager learners ready and waiting! As in the past, the goal of our Science Enrichment Day is to educate our students about their environment, expose them to the different “sciences” available to them as possible career choices, and for them to have fun (the teachers too!)